Unicorn Crate Unboxing

So I’ve only ever bought a Unicorn Crate box twice. The last time was in July 2017 for ‘The Magical & Mysterious’ theme. This time I guessed what book they chose beforehand and I knew they would go all out for The Belles because Unicorn Crate use to do a beauty box subscription as well. Suffice to say, I am not disappointed! This is everything I could ever want in subscription box. I recently did a post about things every subscription box has and what I’m tired of, but this was definitely not your ordinary book box.


February’s Theme was: ‘More Than Meets the Eye’


Unicorn Crate themed the items for the book well. I like when bookish items go with the actual theme of the book. Sometimes subscription boxes will pick a general theme and none of the items actually work well with the book itself. They might throw in random semi-related things. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth if I’m getting bookish items that bring the story to life.


What’s in the box?

  • The book, The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
  • A note from the author and a signed bookplate
  • The Belles Compact Mirror
  • Bookish Beauty Tea from Unicorn Crate
  • Belle and Her Books 2oz candle tin, a Unicorn Crate exclusive from Flick the Wick
  • Unicorn Whipped Body Butter from Organicare
  •  Beautiful and Full of Monsters magnet inspired by Strange the Dreamer
  • Pretty Thoughts notebook
  • The Book Lover’s Cup of Tea with tea infuser by Running Press
  • A Reading is Beautiful bookmark (Not pictured)

I know a lot of people don’t like or drink tea, but I drink it so having something useful like loose leaf tea with a bookish strainer is nice. Belle is my Disney Princess twin so I’m over the moon about the candle. I also am loving the whipped body butter.

I got this box because I have been so excited for The Belles, so I made an exception to my rule that I wouldn’t buy any more subscription boxes. I’m really glad I did because this box and the book are so beautiful.

Unicorn Crate is one of the few fantasy-only US subscription boxes. Unfortunately, it costs more than the average subscription box. Others cost, on average, $29.99 + shipping. Unicorn Crate is $34.95 + shipping, bringing the cost to a total of $45. The other fantasy box I used to subscribe to was Fairyloot, and including international fees, it costs $55 to ship to the US. That’s a $10 difference. I might as well subscribe to Fairyloot, which I usually like better.

That being said, I still think Unicorn Crate is underrated and it has consistently unique items. If you’re interested in trying them out, you can subscribe here for April’s box.

April’s Theme is… 




7 Bookish Facts About Me


The stars say_

  • The first time I ever left the continent was when I went to Scotland at 14 years old. I passed by the Elephant House cafe where it’s said J.K. Rowling worked on the earlier versions of the Harry Potter books. I thought they were just making it up so I didn’t investigate further! It wasn’t until later that I saw pictures of the same cafe on the internet and realized it was true.
  • I’ve only reread at least three books in my entire life. I’m not much of a rereader. The books were: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling, and this random book called Premonitions by Jude Watson.  This is mainly because I rarely owned my own books. My mom took me to the library to check books out, but since you have to return books I never really had much of an opportunity to do any rereads.
  • I don’t have a favorite book. I have MANY favorite books. It depends on the day you ask me. Right now my favorite book is Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I’m OBSESSED.


  • I got my first books signed by the authors this past summer at Book Con 2017 (Laini Taylor and V.E. Schwab). I was originally there for Sarah J. Maas but if you went to Book Con last year you know how fast her signing booth sold out.
  • I have a dog named Luna like Luna Lovegood. (Okay, really I just wanted to give her a celestial name)
  • My younger brother spoiled the two biggest spoilers of the Harry Potter series— that Dumbledore dies and so does Sirius Black. I’m still salty! He didn’t even read the books. *pout*
  • My least favorite course to take is English. Yes, you heard that right. I love reading and I love writing but I don’t enjoy in-depth literary analysis or criticism of books from the 16th to 19th century. However my Senior year of uni I took Intro to British Lit and the professor made it fun. I got an A.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you all have a lovely Monday ^_^


Life Happenings vol. 2

It’s March already??? Let’s talk about all that’s happening. It seems that the winter slumber has ceased because there is so much to look forward to! There were also a crazy amount of book releases this week.

Currently Watching 


Season 2 came out on March 8th! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I watched the first season of Jessica Jones, but MY GOODNESS it’s so good. I also had the opportunity to read Krysten Ritter’s book Bonfire and I really liked it.


Lady Bird is out on Red Box! I’m planning to rent it. I’ve heard so much about it. If I really like it, I’ll be sure to write my review.

Currently Reading 


Children of Blood and Bone was officially released on March 6th this week! I’m already over 1/3 finished reading it. This one of the best written debuts I’ve ever read. It’s completely captivating at every page. I know it might feel over-hyped, so I understand if you want to sit on it longer. Tomi Adeyemi graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English and also studied West African mythology on a fellowship. She knows her stuff. 

Currently Writing 

  1. WIP 1 – My YA Ownvoices Contemporary story on mental illness. Word count: 40k / Goal: 60k
  2. WIP 2 – My YA “magical realism” story about ghosts. Word count: 55k / Goal: 70k

I’m so excited to do a rewrite for WIP #2 for Camp Nanowrimo in April! I’m trying to finish WIP #1 before next month. I downloaded a free trial of Scrivener and I’m excited to use it.

After March 8th’s #Pitmad entries opened, I was so inspired that I decided to enter myself in June! Guys, I will be preparing my manuscript for PITCH WARS this summer. I  didn’t think I would be submitting anything this year at all, but I asked myself, “Why not?” I think working on a deadline will help me stay on a schedule.

Currently Excited For


YAY! Two book-to-film adaptions and both are diverse. I’m so excited.

I’m also excited because I’m finally going on a little adventure next weekend to the mountains. I live 3.5 hours away and I’ve been wanting to visit since I went last year. I can’t wait to hike and people watch in my favorite little mountain town.

Current Social Media Goals 

  • Get my blog following to 150. Current: 100.
  • Get my Twitter following to 300. Current: 218.
  • Get my Instagram following to 300. Current: 265. This may never change because Instagram followers are so flakey!!! Haha
  • Start a Youtube channel.

Suffice to say, this is turning into a very good month. Last month I was sick for over a week and so my reading and writing goals weren’t met. However, there are so many great TV shows, movies, and books out and I’m looking forward to them all!

How’s your month going? Which movie are you most looking forward to? What March debut is high on your TBR?

Thanks for reading!