Review: Jessica Jones 2




Trish is obsessed with trying to find info on IGH (the facility Jessica was at when she became a “super”) for her show, Trish Talk.  A lot of the plot revolves around an investigation into IGH and the previous patients and nurses who worked there. From there we fall down a nice, big rabbit hole.


  • I didn’t expect a family storyline, but I can’t say more.
  • We get more background on Trish and Jessica’s friendship and past.
  • We also learn more about IGH and the experiments.
  • Malcolm becomes more important. He’s such a great character.
  • On that note, he’s caught up in a lot of other people’s drama. At one point he has the opportunity to blackmail someone, but doesn’t do it. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s nice to know that some characters won’t even go that far.
  • It’s super hilarious. The dialogue and one-liners cracked me up.
  • I didn’t notice in the first season, but I’m noticing a lot of interaction with various ethnic backgrounds in this season. I think it’s important to show New York City as diverse as it actually is, so kudos to the producers.
  • As usual, I love the feminism. The women in this show f*ck up a thousand times over and I’m here for it. The women are impulsive and make stupid makes, but are all seeking to feel empowered in some way or other.


  • There were parts this season felt like a normal, crime/mystery show.
  • The storyline wasn’t compelling because…there wasn’t really a villain.
  • Hogarth’s storyline felt sort of like filler… I didn’t see the point. I mean, something is happening to her and she herself shows interest in IGH for this reason. Her storyline had a lot of snuggling. I still think her character is important to the show. It just didn’t feel like it this season.
  • This season isn’t as suspenseful or thrilling. On the flip side, its slows down enough to zoom in on the characters… but how do you even top Kilgrave as the main antagonist in the previous season?


*Minor spoilers*

If Trish Walker stays in the show, I won’t be watching. She’s not even a likable, flawed character. She is kind of self-righteous and betrays her best friend. Like, okay… a lot of the characters have irredeemable qualities…. but BETRAYAL is not something I can forgive.

Harper is super messed up, but even she’s likable. Harper is basically who Queen Cersei would be in modern times. This season wasn’t bad per say, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. There is a mother/daughter storyline told in flashbacks that I liked. It was no Gilmore Girls but I’m a sucker for family stories.

Anyway, I honestly can’t say I will watch the next season because IDGAF about Trish’s character. I had actually hoped she’d be killed off. It would not have bothered me if she were. She’s a carbon copy of the guy from that movie Limitless (2011) at this point.  If I hadn’t seen that movie, my interest in her storyline might have been peaked. She’s just so… entitled. I get her goal. I get her ambition. But I still don’t like her and I never will. Give the show back to Jessica.