Rating Guide

5 – I LOVED IT. I have a book hangover. I’m an emotional wreck. The writing was excellent. Or even if the the writing wasn’t perfect, the story, character development, and the world building blew me away.

4 –  I REALLY LIKED IT. I would highly recommend it.

3.5 –  PRETTY GOOD. There were things I did like about it but it didn’t pack the punch I needed. There’s a chance I’ll read the sequel or other works by the author because I think it’s worth giving a chance to. This often happens with debuts.

3 –  GOOD. The book was well-written, but I’m not emotionally invested/don’t care enough. This is more of a neutral stance if I’m indecisive (i.e. Nothing made me hate it, but nothing made me love it).

2 –  DISAPPOINTED. It had an interesting, perhaps even unique concept, but the execution wasn’t there at all (i.e. The writing fell flat, the characters were cliche, the world-building was lacking).

– HATED. Why was this even published? I need Hermione’s Time Turner or for Future Me to warn me that this book was absolute rubbish in every way. I will say that it’s rare when I give a book 1 star and I generally find something of merit in most books I read.

DNF – Did Not Finish.