Rating Guide

5 – I LOVED it so much. I have a book hangover. I’m an emotional wreck. The writing was excellent. Or even if the the writing wasn’t perfect, the story, character development, and the world building blew me away.

4 –  I REALLY LIKED it and I would probably recommend it.

3.5 stars –  I LIKED it but it wasn’t a favorite. There were things I did like about it but it didn’t pack the punch I needed. There’s a chance I’ll read the sequel or other works by the author because I think it’s worth giving a chance to. This often happens with debuts.

3 – There WAS potential. The book was well-written, but I’m not emotionally invested/don’t care about the characters. This is more of a neutral stance if I’m indecisive (Nothing made me hate it, but nothing made me love it).

2 – I ALMOST liked it, but it ended up disappointing me. It had an interesting, perhaps even unique concept, but the execution wasn’t there at all (i.e. The writing fell flat, the characters were cliche, the world-building was lacking).

1– I HATED it. Why was this even published? I need Hermione’s Time Turner or for Future Me to warn me that this book was absolute rubbish in every way.