Book Rating Guide

5 – I LOVED it so much. I have a book hangover. I’m an emotional wreck. The writing was excellent. Or the writing wasn’t even perfect, but the story was strong enough to suit my fancy.

4 –  I REALLY liked it and I would probably recommend it but a small thing like how it ended or it had an unnecessary character or side plot led me to take a point off.

3 – This doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. It just means it was probably well-written, but I’m not emotionally invested/don’t care about the characters. It could also mean, I didn’t love it but others might… like, it could have been too unconventional and confusing, but there was potential.

2 – I almost liked it, but then the author ruined it for his or her self. Like, it had an interesting, perhaps even unique concept, but the execution wasn’t there at all (i.e The writing fell flat, the characters were cliche, the world-building was lacking). Where is the substance? At this point, I would most likely rate a book like this 1 star. See below.

1– Why was this even published? I need Hermione’s Time Turner or for Future Me to warn me that this book was absolute rubbish. It was just a copy cat of everything else already written with even worse execution.