Welcome to Through Prose Tinted Pages.

Hello. I’m Vanessa, a twenty-something bookworm and Afro-Caribbean. I’ve been book reviewing since my Tumblr days, but have since upgraded to this fancy gig known as WordPress. On the blog, I don’t always check my grammar, I ramble about my writing ventures, and review books that stand out to me. This blog is a way to stay connected to book community and keep my creative juices flowing.


I undoubtedly believe in magic. I read Fantasy, #Ownvoices books, and Science Fiction the most, but I’m open to everything else. I’m currently writing my own stories about girls who struggle with finding their place in the world, who fall in love with ghosts, and who must outsmart evil witches to save their world.

As long as people are going to call you a lunatic anyway, why not get the benefit of it? It liberates you from convention.

– Wicked

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Fun Facts


  1. I was born in Canada but I’ve lived in the US pretty much my whole life.
  2. I’m an adventurous introvert.
  3. My current favorite book of all time is Red Rising by Pierce Brown.
  4. I drink my coffee black like a weirdo.
  5. I have a dog named Luna. Yes, like Luna Lovegood.
  6. I love dark chocolate, wine, and coffee flavors.
  7. I’m married and my husband’s House is Slytherin. I’m in Ravenclaw. Together we make a great team.
  8. My Disney Princess twin is Belle.

(Note: I prefer not to be referred to as “black” when speaking of me individually because people of Asian descent are not called “yellow people”).