Novel Writing Volume 1.4

I was supposed to do Camp Nanowrimo this month and I can’t come up with a legit excuse except that I was picking up extra shifts at work and in the process of moving, so my focus wasn’t in it. However, I am making progress outside the Camp (I deleted my project on the site) and have managed to nail down something I want to stick with this year. I’m slowly making my way to the first milestone: 10,000 words. I’m currently around 8,000.

I posted some minor details under one of my Novel Writing Volumes. I’m writing about a teenage girl who believes in logic and facts, but meets a ghost. How the ghost dies is pivotal to his backstory. Believing in ghosts is essential to the character’s journey and growth since the girl is forced to have an encounter outside her comfort zone. It’s about one character’s dark past and another character’s crossroads with the real world and the supernatural one. They more or less fall in love, but it’s not the main focus of the story. I have them fall in love because I wanted the readers to feel the strain of an impossible relationship. We have stories in which a human falls in love with vampires, werewolves, and even zombies. Those creatures are able to exist in our world. Ghosts exist in another world. Above all the supernatural creatures, they truly don’t belong. That lack of belonging in the physical world is another theme that will be highlighted in this story.


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