Novel Writing Volume 1.3

I’m trying to refine my novel writing organization. I have three tangible ideas and I’m going to write several pages of summaries for all of them. Those are my non-fantasy books.

For my fantasy novels, I’m going to get individual notebooks to  continue brainstorming so I don’t forget the details.

Thanks to free writing courses and workshops I’m learning so much more about the writing process! I always wondered why it was so hard for me to jump right into a story and I realized how the preliminary work HELPS SO MUCH!

Here are links to some great workshops and advice.

Free Plot Course by Tomi Adeyemi

Lady Writer has a free Novel Outline

V.E. Schwab has personal tips Youtube on writing and publishing.

Edit 9/12/17: I just found out that Holly Black’s website has an abundance of writing resource’s. OH MY WORD. I need a notebook.

Holly Black’s Writing Advice and Resources

Maybe one day I could afford to go to graduate school and earn an MFA but that day is no where near. Free writing courses and workshops are helping me now. Even the ones you pay for are a less expensive route than a full degree program. I enjoy learning first hand from actual writers currently in the industry. It’s basically like taking online writing classes but for free.


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