Novel Writing 1.1

In case you didn’t know, I’m working on… stuff. I feel weird calling it a novel or novels because that would imply I actually have something worthwhile in physical form. Or in any form.

I’m currently working on a fantasy fairytale re-telling. Who knew world-building could be so much fun? I’ve written 10,000 words for Camp Nanowrimo, which was my goal. I had a writer’s block moment because if you don’t know all the players at large in your own story how the freak can you keep going? So I did some plot and character brainstorming and I think that will help me carry through my first bump. I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR THIS RE-TELLING YA’LL. HINT: It’s not romance focused. I think my number one struggle with this story is not reusing the same fantasy world that’s been used a plethora of times before me. Example: A kingdom with a king and queen and castles blah blah blah…. My challenge is to convince my readers that is a whole new world, but still slightly reminiscent of what they’re used to. Or break all the rules of world-building completely. Or start off with a world we all know and are familiar with and then surprise the readers with a world they never knew even existed. I have a storyline for my main characters played out exactly in my head, but it is a re-telling so I do want to deviate from an ordinary fantasy to something more. 

I was working on a YA contemporary. I hit the 50k mark and stopped writing but in the last few says, I managed to reach 55k. I feel like I need at minimum 65k. How is it that I wrote 55,000 words and still need 10,000 more to make it count as a real life novel?! AH. I was going to finally take the manuscript I had to the printer and start editing it, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid I won’t like this story anymore. I’m afraid of sorting through all the crappy sentences and seeing failure. This is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a novel and I think I see two choices: 1. Completely trashing it after I realize what shite it is or 2. Reforming, Editing, and Drafting and making it official. What is it about a novel being official that is so terrifying?! I’m not even sure I want to write this book anymore but I feel like it’s because it would be so easy just to throw the whole thing away and start over and never have to look at my failure. It’s possible I’m not making an executive decision in saying I shouldn’t publish it —- I’m simply scared to try.



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