Why I’m Breaking Up with My Reading Schedule 

For the first few months of the year, I put myself on a reading schedule and created a “to-be read” pile for every month. So far, I’ve stuck with it. However, there are several huge book releases in May and an ever growing TBR pile, so I know that continuing a monthly reading list would no longer be helpful. Part of the reason why I made the monthly list was because I felt like my books were running away from me. I felt like I could tangibly grasp things better if I had this list. My brain felt fried from trying to choose the next set of books, so maybe making a TBR was due to indecisiveness.

Starting on May 1st (or whenever I finish my April reading list) I will throw out my TBR and just choose new books to read on a whim. Have you ever noticed that book choices are sometimes mood-based? I think starting off the year with a monthly TBR helped me stay committed to reading but now with so many new releases and so little time, I don’t think I could handle following a list anymore.

What do you think of TBR piles? Do you like to stick to a reading schedule or do you end up getting so overwhelmed you just pick the most popular book? Do you prefer to keep the next book you read open depending on your mood or recent releases?
Happy reading, everyone!

May has an amazing set of new releases. I’m so excited!
– V


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