A Belated Gilmore Girls Revival Review

I wasn’t able to watch The Gilmore Girls Revival immediately following Thanksgiving. I was stuck in a cabin with friends with no wifi, which turns out can be soul cleansing. Alas, the following Sunday I began to watch a show I dreamed of happening for nearly a decade. I watched Lorleai and Michelle argue. I smiled at Luke attempting and yet failing to persuade Lor and Rory to eat healthier. I felt the absence of Sookie when she wasn’t at the Dragon Fly Inn’s kitchen. I was floored to see that Lane was still rock and roll. And Paris Gellar became my favorite character.

Then there was that iconic scene of all the Gilmores in a limo together on a dreary day attending our dear Richard’s funeral. While sad, it was suiting. I truly think Richard’s death accelerated Emily’s story line (and by story line, I mean character growth). It also forced Lorleai to come to terms with a lot of emotions she had been burying. As for Rory…hers is the most difficult storyline to connect with and piece together. As the series was wrapping up, and before the famous “final four words”, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was then end of the Rory Gilmore storyline. Some of the plot was reminiscent of the movie Post Grad (2009)

Here are  thoughts of The Gilmore Girls Revival immediately after watching it (not in chronological order of each episode):

  • It felt like an extra long movie and in chick-lit form. Very Eat Pray Love meets Uptown Girls?
  • Haha. So many hipsters in Stars Hollow now.
  • I kind of doubt Tristan would have actually went to an alumni event since he practically hated Chilton and got sent to military school.
  • I love that Rory is writing a book but it was sort of cliche’. “Let me write a book… about the show … that is my life… the title of the show.”
  • There were so many good genuine laugh out loud moments but om the very first episode, it felt like Alexis Bledel forgot how to act. I also feel like her character was the most one dimensional.
  • Awkward with Dean … The tension worked really well.
  • If they continue the Revival, can we have most of the cast of Parenthood act in it? They all actually know how to act.
  • What the f*ck was that musical? It felt like a filler.
  • I want to be Team Jesse but it was like he was there for one second, I blinked, and then he was gone. But I’m also very much not Team Logan: he’s fun but once you’re older you need someone who can ground you. Logan has proved not to be faithful (or monogamous) time and time again
  • I wish to pretend Paul’s storyline never existed. Amy  Sherman-Palladino, you’re better than this!
  • Lorleai’s moment when she called her mom and told the story about her dad made me cry so much.
  • Lorleai and Luke’s conversation after she comes back from her “Wild” melted my heart. I love the instant wedding. It was definitely spontaneous, like Lorleai.

When I finished the show, I really did not know whether to rate it 1 star or 3 or 5 after the wedding and the cliffhanger. Initially, I felt like the Revival brought out Lorleai’s and Rory’s worst qualities and I wanted them to have a better transformation. After further thought, I realized Lorleai grew in exactly the way she was meant to but I couldn’t help but feel like Rory was literally the worst. The kind, considerate, thoughtful Rory forgets about Paul and sleeps with an ex-boyfriend who has a fiancee. Who is she, again?

Recently, I re-watched the first three episodes of the show and it was easier to tolerate certain things the second time around. Why? Because Emily Gilmore is QUEEN and Lorleai, despite her flaws and all, she wears her heart on her sleeve for Luke but it’s almost always off when it comes to her parents. She is living proof that no matter how old you are, there’s still plenty to learn and discover about yourself.





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